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I Sell NonSense Pre-Order Site
I Sell Nonsense livejournal(renovating)
I Sell Nonsense Main Home
Terms and Conditions

- Purchase can be made only if you purchase more than $30.00
-The colors of some item might be a bit different from the color displayed on the computer.
 - Purchase can be made by bank transfer or meet-up cash.
-We will reply your email within 48 hours.

Working Days and Hours:
2.00pm to 5.00pm

1.00pm to 3.00pm

Sunday and Public holiday

(No sending of mails in these days. Please do not call or message us after the working hours.)

Meet up:

-Meet ups fees will be $2.00 for the place below
-Available places for meet ups:
Boon Lay MRT Station
Chinese Garden MRT Station
Jurong East MRT Station
Clementi MRT Station
Bukit Batok MRT Station

-Places beyond the west side can be discussed but the meet up fee might be above $2.00.
-Every station beyond the station stated above will be an addition of $00.50.
 -On the meet up day, please try to be on time. If you could not make it on that particular day, please inform us at least 2 hour earlier.

Postage and Handling:
-If you are choosing the postage method, please read the terms and conditions below
 -Items will be mailed out one to three days later after we received the payment, in order to prepare the products you ordered.
-You will receive the items that you had ordered after 3-4 days after we sent the items.
-We will inform you after we receive the money and sent the items.
-We are NOT responsible for lost mail.

Registered Mail:
 -We will calculate the weight and the price for every purchased product.

-We will calculate the weight and the price for every purchased product.


I Sell NonSense

4th September 2011

If you are first time buying from online website,
and you doesn't know that are we trustful,
you may start buying cheap things.
Small Action Figures.
Something cheap to start with.

Term And Conditions
You can send your question and order to this emailisellnonsense@gmail.com
If you are interested in the object and yet you doesn't know how to purchase, you may press' how to order' which is below the FAQ or you may also contact our email address located above.
Terms And Condition

Pre Order Terms and Condition

*We will send out the item you ordered ONLY after we receive the full amount.
*No return and refund for preordering items.
*Preorders have to wait abit more longer than those in http://www.isellnonsense.blogspot.com, instock items.
*Please pay ONLY after you receive the email about the total amount we sent to you.
*Payment are to paid within 4 days after we confirm your order. If not your order will be cancelled.
*Swap and trades are not available for this section.
*All items are brand new and packaged.


Please wait for your order patiently, it may take about one to two months to reach your doorstep.
To Singapore buyers, it will be faster if you meet up with us as you do not need to wait for the posting.
Overseas buyer will have to wait for the shipping cost before you pay.
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